July Update from the Mayo Clinic

I can’t believe I let a week pass before writing this post! Apologies!

The news out of the Mayo was good:

  • Brain MRI shows that the two new tumors treated with stereotactic radiosurgery in April have resolved. This is awesome. Of the original two tumors, the one that hadn’t fully resolved has shrunk even more down to 3mm. This is also awesome. Perhaps most awesome is that there are no new tumors.
  • Chest CT shows my primary lung tumor is a little larger but really stable with increased nodularity and new effusion. I’d be worried about this but they’re comparing to the January Mayo scans and I know I got much worse and much better in between when I developed resistance to crizotinib. My lymph node tumors have improved even when compared to January.
  • Abdomen and Pelvis CT shows a decrease in size of my abdominal tumor from 0.9 to 0.4. All the random “probably benign” action down there (cysts, foci, lesions, etc) is stable or improved.
  • Blood tests continue to show deranged liver function and reduced WBC count but not enough to change up my medication lorlatinib. Mayo didn’t test my cholesterol.

I wish I had a pretty side-by-side picture to show this time but I don’t have copies of the images, only reports above.

I reviewed the metabolic protocol from Care Oncology with my Mayo oncologist and got the thumbs up. I started that shortly after getting back and will report when I have something to report on.

My next scans will probably be in October here in HK. I’m also hoping to head to the states in December to get scans a month early before my insurance deductible period resets.

Outside the Mayo on a beautiful summer day

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