Maggie's New Brain Tumor
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My New Brain Tumors Are All Grown Up

by Maggie Jones

Previously on this blog: On 31 Jan the Mayo oncologists told me that the original 2 brain tumors on which I’d had the gamma knife surgery were completely gone but that I have 2 new brain tumors. The new tumors were described in the report as “punctate” which usually means 1-2mm.

[30 Jan 2019 Mayo report here.]

I reached out then to the head of a clinical trial for lorlatinib, the next TKI I’d like to try, and she let me know the trial requires a minimum brain tumor size of 5mm.

Monday I had a new brain MRI here in Hong Kong and got the results today: The new tumors are now 2mm and 5mm. Also, this MRI shows that only one of the original tumors is completely gone and the other has only shrunk from 5mm in October to 2mm. Just something that’s good to know.

[4 Mar 2019 Adventist report here.]

Current Status: It’s kind of a bummer that the tumors are growing so quickly but it’s great that there’s a chance I can qualify for the lorlatinib trial. I emailed the doctor running the trial and hope to hear back soon. In the meantime, I’m still taking Xalkori. There are 3 other trials on my list if I don’t get into this one.

Here’s hoping!

Maggie's New Brain Tumor
This is the big one that should qualify me for the lorlatinib trial. More images in the report linked above.

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MJ Zorick March 7, 2019 - 2:11 am

Sending positive lorlatinib trial thoughts and hoping you get in! Give em hell Maggie!

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