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Ode to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

by Maggie Jones

I know I’ve been bitching a lot about the costs of healthcare lately so I just want to take a minute to focus on what’s been totally amazing about my experiences with the hospital where I’m being treated.

For one thing, this was the view out the window of my room the 2 times I was admitted:View from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

This was in the interior of my private room. The staff made up the sofa as a little double bed where Brad and I slept the first night. The second night they let us go home on the condition we be back in the room by 8am.  Pretty sweet.

Hong Kong Hospital Room Hong Kong Hospital Room

Not pictured: private bathroom, refrigerator, huge vegetarian menu…

I’m so lucky that fortune landed me at Adventist. Not just for the plush digs and kind staff but for their cutting edge medicine and equipment.  I didn’t realize it’s pretty rare to have a hospital with a linear accelerator for radiosurgery but it’s all here. I’ve read that many oncologists in the states don’t know that genetic testing is the new standard of care but my oncologist didn’t want to move forward with treatment until he knew it was one that would be effective for my particular cancer.

Overall, I’m so grateful that they pulled all the stops to make sure I had a provisional diagnosis within a day, confirmed diagnosis within a week, and was recovering with the best possible medicine within a month of walking in.  Amazing.

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