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One Week of Xalkori and Feeling Great

by Maggie Jones

Recovery from the brain radiation was a little slow but I’m just about there. I’m still sleeping a lot but have started weaning myself off the anti-vomiting meds.  I’d ordered some cute, fun wigs from Amazon that were delivered yesterday but it looks like I’m not actually going to lose my hair. I’ll just save those for personal use.

Yesterday was my first check-in since starting Xalkori. The primary objective was to make sure my liver is holding up which it is.  The blood test did show a 3x increase of the cancer marker we’re monitoring but that was compared to late October as we didn’t do a baseline test before starting treatment.  In three weeks we’ll do another blood test and a chest x-ray to see how the tumors are progressing.

Anecdotally, things are great. The lymph node tumors behind my clavicles are visibly smaller and the vision in my right eye is much improved. Also, whether from Xalkori, codeine, or oxygen my cough is almost gone and I can sleep in any position.

I’ve been monitoring my SP02 and it’s still a little low, especially in the mornings. Doing some basic Pranayama Yoga helps get it up. As of yesterday I’m working on using oxygen only while I’m sleeping.

Anyway, all in all great news that I think can be attributed to a combination of diet, rest, drugs and the incredible support I’ve been getting from all of you.  Much love and continued thanks!!

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