Brain MRI images

Radiation Fallout

by Maggie Jones

Whew! Last night was a rough night. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Brad.

About two hours after the treatment the nausea set in. Then the headache from brain swelling and a sweaty fever. Brad set me up with a bucket, an extra long oxygen cord so I could be close to the bucket, and brought me water, pills and sweat rags all night.

The worst is over and I’m drinking some tea feeling pretty good. I took the first Xalkori this morning – excited to see what those side effects are like. No matter how crummy I feel I know it’s worse for the cancer!

Sad Update
After making it all night without throwing up, I got cocky, drank too much green tea this morning, and just threw up my first Xalkori.  There’s $165US down the toilet. I had it down for almost 2 hours, though, so probably a good start. I’ll be very careful with tonight’s dose.

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