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Radiosurgery Success

by Maggie Jones

The radiosurgery for my brain tumors ended up being super simple.

Brad came with me and waited in the lobby for what he and the doctors reported was about 20 minutes.  I admit it felt a bit longer to me.

I didn’t even have to change into a gown and just hopped on the table in my street clothes. The 3 technicians strapped me down and attached the mask we made yesterday. It was quite a bit tighter today.

The biggest worry was my coughing. Any movement inside the mask could cause the radiation to destroy the wrong parts of my brain.  I think the casualties were pretty minimal.

Since I didn’t get any pictures during the procedure I asked to take the mask home to share with you.  I think it really captures my classic beauty.

Radiosurgery Mask - front Radiosurgery mask - side

Maybe the foundation for a spooky halloween costume next year?

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