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Care Oncology Consultation

by Maggie Jones

I posted last week about the emerging metabolic approach to cancer and my faith in upcoming treatment options.

Since then, Brad and I spent a delightful weekend in Hanoi. More importantly, I got in touch with Care Oncology, a clinic headquartered in London but with an arm in the US that provides exactly the kind of complementary metabolic therapies I wrote about. They’re currently running a Phase 3 study to document the efficacy and safety of this type of treatment in combination with traditional standard of care.

I’ve gone through a couple rounds of vetting and tomorrow I have a teleconsult with one of their doctors based in the US. If all goes well, I should be able to receive the medication either by mail to Hong Kong, or at least shipped to an address in the US where I can pick it up (thank you, Hendriks’!).

I’ve been experiencing some adverse effects from lorlatinib and my dream would be to feel comfortable enough with the metabolic support to reduce my dosage of the hard drugs. Because it really feels like I’m on hard drugs.

I’m so excited not only to be able to have access to the type of treatment I want but also to contribute to this kind of research. Fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow!

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Nate June 14, 2019 - 2:37 am

Wow! How awesome is that? I hope it went well! Also, I love Hanoi.

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