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Three years with less than a year to live. Two years cancer free.

by Maggie Jones

Tomorrow is the third year anniversary of my diagnosis. I still go back and reread what I wrote during my first anniversary – I wrote it just weeks before I was declared no evidence of disease.

I didn’t bother with an update for my second anniversary. I’d just had my first seizure and moved to the states to figure out what was wrong. It took this entire year to conclude that I for sure was suffering post-treatment brain radiation necrosis and was indeed two years cancer free. Amazing.

Despite some of my brain damage issues I’m absolutely overcome with

  1. gratitude to have survived so long and lived so well and
  2. purpose to spread the word about the therapies that helped me do it.

Despite my gratitude I’m deeply, deeply frustrated that so few share my good fortune.

I’ve had three friends die of cancer this year:

  • A woman younger than me diagnosed with breast cancer just before I became NED, who never bought into metabolic treatment. She believed that, if it were real, her doctor would tell her. She passed in early February.
  • A 36-year-old man with glioblastoma. His sister was a nutritionist who knew the power of keto for GBM and reached out to me for help. Unfortunately, neither of us could convince him and he died within ten months of diagnosis, the standard progression for GBM with conventional treatment.
  • My dear friend Oscar who was diagnosed with GBM in 2016 and died last month at 38. I met him at the Metabolic Health Summit in 2019 and, while his death might hit me harder than others and it is no less a tragedy, I’m amazed, inspired and deeply grateful that he survived so far beyond his prognosis. He passed not long after Dr. Seyfried and team published a case study on Pablo Kelly, who was diagnosed with GBM 7 years ago and refused conventional treatment. His survival using only metabolic therapy is unheard of.

I’m also blessed to have many friends who have achieved no evidence of disease this year. One, like me, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Many others have survived progression-free.

The fact is, these metabolic therapies that have prolonged my life and others’ should be available to everyone who can benefit. While we need more human trials, these treatments have long been proven safe and can all be used with conjunction with conventional treatment.

Brad and I had a few delays with the documentary but we’re back on track and just finished our last interview in Canada with Dr. Jason Fung. The first fundraising trailer will be out next week and we’re kicking off our crowdfunding campaign to raise money and publicity in November.

A favor

I’m putting together a group of insiders to help with the campaign and give us visibility in the algorithm. It’s a low effort, high impact gig and all I’d need from you is:

  • Making a small donation during the advance, soft-launch window. Even $5 would making a difference to show interest and activity.
  • Share the campaign link on your socials – I can even send some suggested text and images.
  • Share the campaign in real life.

If you’re up for any of these, please send me an email – maggie@cancerv.me.

The more we can raise with this campaign, the more confidence we get from other investors, the better the film can be, the better the distribution, the more people who see it, the more lives we can save.

View more about the film here and sign up if you want updates.

Brad on set in March.

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Megan Biehn October 15, 2021 - 12:07 pm

Maggie!!!!! I’ve been so worried not seeing you on IG! I’m so overjoyed to see you are thriving!! Much love to you!

Maggie Jones October 15, 2021 - 4:55 pm

Thank you so much, Megan!! I need to get back to IG if only because I miss you so much!


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