Coconut Chocolate Keto Fat Bomb

Super Simple Coconut Chocolate Fat Bomb

by Maggie Jones

If you follow a therapeutic keto diet then it’s not unusual to need a bit more fat to meet your daily macro targets and don’t have the interest in another bulletproof coffee. I keep a baggie full of fat bombs in the freezer for just such an occasion.


My favorite fat bombs are actually these super-healing turmeric golden milk bombs but, if you can’t spare the carbs or the work required, these super simple coconut chocolate bombs might be just what you need.

Bulletproof coffee and coconut chocolate keto fat bomb

The entire recipe, as written contains

1868 calories
12.8g net carbs
12.2g protein
199g fat

Divide by the number of bombs your trays make for your macros per bomb. The information above assumes 8 servings per recipe.

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