Creamy keto cucumber gazpacho

Creamy Keto Cucumber Basil Gazpacho Soup

by Maggie Jones

[nutrition calories=”210″ protein=”2.1″ carbs=”5.0″ fat=”19.2″]

I love decorating smoothie bowls but having to avoid fruit to stay keto limits my options.

Then a friend helped me realize that my fruit-free green smoothies are really just insufficiently seasoned gazpacho.

And a whole new world of food has opened up.

A delicious, zesty, refreshing world here just in time for summer.

This particular extra creamy soup is perfect for long, hot days. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare in the blender with exactly no heating elements required. Just add your favorite vegetables, blitz and serve.

Throw it into the fridge to chill if you have extra time. That means it can be prepared up to a day in advance and travels beautifully in a thermos for work lunches.

The macros here are for the recipe as written so there’s plenty of room to customize with your own herbs, vegetables and toppings. Here I’ve garnished with homemade coconut yogurt, hemp seeds, and diced peppers and onion.

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