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Medicinal Mushroom Cocoa: An Immune-boosting Vegan Keto Elixer

by Maggie Jones

This warm, comforting drink is full of healing superfoods with known cancer-fighting and immune-boosting benefits.

Even better, it tastes divine.

[nutrition protein=”3.5″ carbs=”1.8″ fat=”6.3″ calories=”115″]

If you read my article on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, you might be wondering how to get more into your diet. This medicinal brew is a perfect start.

I’ve been making a version of this cocoa since I was first diagnosed. My goal was to get as may healing foods inside of me at once. The fact that it is delicious is a bonus – it’s a medicine I don’t need to be reminded to take.

This creamy, dreamy medicinal mushroom cocoa is the vegan, keto way to super-boost your immune system.
This creamy, dreamy medicinal mushroom cocoa is the vegan, keto way to super-boost your immune system.

The ingredients are simple so quality is important.

Medicinal Mushroom Powder

The most critical component of medicinal mushroom cocoa is, of course, the medicinal mushrooms. See this article to determine what mushrooms will be most beneficial for you.

I personally like a full-spectrum blend and am pretty devoted to Om! Immune Defense. I mix it with their Cordyceps powder and ensure I’m getting the full compliment of mushrooms each day:

  • Reishi
  • Turkey Tail
  • Agaricus
  • Maitake
  • Cordyceps

Cacao or Cocoa Powder

Raw cacao and cocoa powder are rich in a cancer-fighting substance called flavanols. Yes! Chocolate is good for you, it’s only made poisonous by addition of sugar and poor-quality fats.

I use organic raw cacao but any pure, unsweetened cocoa powder will be super healing.

Ground ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon has powerful anti-cancer properties. Additionally, it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, improves insulin sensitivity, and lowers blood sugar, among other benefits. The standard grocery store variety, called Cassia, contains potentially toxic coumarin so ceylon cinnamon is preferred. If you can’t get ahold of that, stick with just a sprinkle to avoid high doses of coumarin.

Nut or seed milk of choice

Feel free to use any nut milk. I like to use hemp but almond, soy, or coconut would all do nicely. The only important thing is that your nut milk not have added sugar. Be sure to check the ingredients, manufacturers are incredibly sneaky.

You can even make this with plain water – especially if you choose the chia seed option. It turns out creamy dreamy and the other ingredients add plenty of flavor.

Sweetener of choice

I use just a couple of drops of stevia extract while Brad prefers a tablespoon of erythritol. Monkfruit is another option.

Optional Add-Ins

The recipe as written makes a light and frothy hot chocolate. If you have access to a high-speed blender, you can make a version that’s as rich and creamy as a Mexican hot chocolate. Just add a tablespoon of chia seeds and let it whiz. The result is one of the most decadent, rich-tasting drinks I’ve ever had. It tastes naughty but the chia seeds only increase the nutritional value by contributing omega-3 fatty acids and hydrating fiber.

Similarly, if you need a little more fat in your day, whiz in a tablespoon of MCT oil or coconut oil for a shot of medium-chain triglycerides and extra creaminess.

The nutritional information is calculated without the optional items so be sure to account for the extra fat if you’re tracking.

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Brittony November 4, 2020 - 8:20 pm

Hi Maggie! I love your blog. It has been the wealth of information I’ve been searching for!
Do you have a trusted source for Ceylon cinnamon? I am having a really hard time finding a company to buy from who doesn’t have someone in the comments outing them for actually being Cassia.
Thank you!

Maggie Jones November 4, 2020 - 10:27 pm

Hi Brittony! Thank you so much for the kind words! The Ceylon-cassia switcheroo is just awful! I’ve been using Simply Organic brand – please let me know if you’ve heard anything about then. My search has come up clean but you never know. We have to be so vigilant it can be exhausting.
Sending you much love! Maggie

pat l November 1, 2021 - 6:19 pm

hi Maggie ..congrats on your lastest great accomplishment…truely wife’s mom died from the same cancer as you some 25yrs or more ago .it’s sad and wonderful how far therapy has wife stars the chemo poisoning this thurs..and i’m wondering what Hemp Milk you use..sooo many to choose from..thanks for any help…Pat

Maggie Jones November 1, 2021 - 6:32 pm

Hi Pat! And oof! I’m so so sorry you have to go through this with your wife after your mother. Therapy has come so far and, with you to support her, she will be another success story to inspire others.
The hemp milk I was using in Hong Kong was from a boutique store. I haven’t found any in the US that I trust and have been making my own. A couple of tbs in a cup of distilled water run through a nut milk bag or, more often, a couple tbs and water added too whatever I’m blending.
I’ll continue to keep my eyes open.
Much love to you!

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