Raw vegan superfood cake made from lucuna and tahini

Raw Vegan Lucuma Lemon Berry Mousse Cake

by Maggie Jones

This pretty cake uses tahini as the base and is sweetened with only organic lucuma and berries – although you can add the sweetener of your choice if you like it a little sweeter. Stevia, erythritol, maple syrup or dates could all be blended into filling or crust.

The filling is light and airy yet incredibly rich courtesy of the tahini. Yet not rich enough to stop me from eating the whole thing over two days. And then eating the replacement in another two days. Apparently I don’t have enough self-control to keep this in the fridge but, it you do, you could also make it in little cupcake rounds or ice cube trays to keep frozen until you’re ready to eat.

Raw vegan lucuma lemon berry mousse made with tahini.

This recipe was born from my desire to 1) cut back on artificial sweeteners and 2) incorporate more lucuma into my diet. Lucuma is a known immune booster, antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent which proponents say can protect against cancer. Though the powder is made from the lucuma fruit, it’s low GI and can fit in a keto diet.

I order from Karen Berrios, another cancer survivor who used nutrition to find healing and now dedicates herself to sourcing the highest quality organic superfoods for those taking a “food as medicine” approach to their own healing.

If you feel the same way about the products as I do, you can get a 20% discount on products and I’ll make a (very small) commission if you order using code CANCERVME20. Thank you for supporting this ad-free site!

[nutrition protein=”4.4″ carbs=”6.2″ fat=”20.5″ calories=”235″]

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