Raw Vegan Ketogenic Broccoli Salad

Sharing my story – and my broccoli salad recipe

by Maggie Jones

Most of you know that I dabbled lightly in both the vegan and keto space in my previous life. Once or twice I coerced Brad into a week of veganism that would turn into a work-week of high-carb,processed food veganism. I did a lot of research around ketosis when developing my book of recipes for the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast, a type of extreme ketogenic diet. (And yes, I wrote a cookbook for a fast. I know.)

It was back in those days that I first discovered Liz MacDowell and Meat Free Keto. Liz literally wrote the book on vegan keto and, even though I wasn’t adhering to a specific diet at the time, I loved the recipes on her site for their own sake. Since my cancer diagnosis and subsequent research have led me to adopt a plant-based and ketogenic way of eating , I’ve been so grateful for the resource and inspiration.

Given that I’m a total fangirl of Liz’s, my head pretty much exploded when she gave me the opportunity to share my story with her readers. My plant-based keto diet has been such a healing force in my life I’m hopeful it may inspire other non-vegan-ketoers on her site to research more than just delicious recipes.

Cancer-Fighting Raw Vegan Keto Broccoli Salad

As bait, I offered up the recipe for this creamy, crispy raw broccoli salad that I developed in an effort to incorporate more dark-skinned grapes in our diet. Grapes contain more sugar than I’d usually eat, but they’re used here in small amounts that still allow me to enjoy cancer-fighting benefits of their resveratrol.

If you’re into things like crispy, cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables; sweet, antioxidant-rich grapes; and creamy anti-inflammatory dressing – or just want to reread my story in long-form – head over to Meat Free Keto.

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