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One Year Anniversary in Hong Kong

by Maggie Jones

Today marks exactly one year since we moved to Hong Kong. It’s been an eventful year.

  • I started a new job.
  • I turned 40.
  • I was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • I had two brain radiosurgeries and started taking hard drugs.
  • I sold the desert cabin and will spend the money on drugs.
  • Brad went back to school.
  • We spent a week apart; longer than we’d ever been apart.
  • We lived a full month apart.
  • I stopped getting my period so, menopause maybe?
  • We experienced so much more of the world than we ever thought we would: China, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam – plus our whirlwind “goodbye tour” of the US.
  • I gave up drinking.
  • We adopted an entirely different way of eating.
  • I lost over 50 pounds.
  • Brad lost almost 30 pounds.
  • We discovered mindfulness, meditation and yoga.
  • We started working to be kinder, more compassionate, happier people.
  • We witnessed the beginning of the end of Hong Kong as we know it.
  • We witnessed the strength and passion of people fighting to preserve their freedom.

There’s been a lot of stress but a lot of learning the tools to manage stress. It’s been the year I’ve experienced my greatest growth as a person. Taken as a whole, this list nets positive on the side of awesome. Also, “Menopause Maybe” is the name of my upcoming Netflix series.

Maggie one year in Hong Kong before and after
On the left: the poorly lit picture Brad took with our Hong Kong move announcement card in the temporary apartment a few hours after we landed. On the right: shifted in time 1 year and space a few blocks. Poorness of lighting and passion for floral loungewear unchanged.

So much change, hardship, and joy transpired between these two photos. Nevertheless, the important things: the love I feel for and from the people in my life, my values, my relationship with god and the universe haven’t flickered. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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