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Entrectinib: A new TKI for ROS1+ NSCLC with brain mets

by Maggie Jones

I’m embarrassed that I’ve had this article open in my browser for months and haven’t written about it.

Good news for ROS1nders! Entrectinib is getting close to FDA approval. While developed for NTRK+ tumors (like crizotinib and lorlatinib were developed form ALK+ tumors), it works for us, too. Best of all, it’s effective for brain tumors.

Results from their clinical trials show an overall response rate of 80% for ROS1+ patients with brain metastases. That’s really good. It’s worth noting that it is inhibited by ROS1 G2032R, a common resistance mutation that develops in response to it or crizotinib.

There’s no guarantee it will work for me – I may already be resistant depending on the cause of my crizotinib resistance. Nevertheless, it’s still a huge relief for me to know there’s yet another TKI available for when I develop resistance to lorlatinib. Guys, I feel like I’m going to live a long time.

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