Vegan Keto Caesar Salad

Vegan Keto Kale Caesar Salad

by Maggie Jones

Caesar salad without the croutons is a classic vegetarian keto restaurant staple. The cheese and egg mean its off the menu for my way of eating, though.

This recipe captures everything I love about Caesar – including the crunch of the croutons – while pumping up the nutrition and eliminating the inflammatory dairy.

Easy to make Vegan Keto Kale Caesar Salad is packed with nutrition and flavor

Olive oil, capers and garlic create a classic foundation and all have strong anti-cancer credentials. Nutritional yeast stands in for cheese while miso paste and dulse flakes contribute the fishy umami flavor that defines Caesar dressing. Tahini and lemon round things out with a creamy tang.

Feel free to adjust the proportions or even swap out ingredients based on your preference. This recipe is all about creating something delicious for you.

Fast and easy Vegan Keto Kale Caesar Salad is packed with nutrition and flavor

I’ve always prefered kale to romaine in my Caesars and the sturdiness of the leaf holds up well to this thick, creamy dressing. Massaging the dressing into the kale softens the texture and perks up the flavor. I don’t even have to mention all the health benefits of this plant that checks both the “cruciferous vegetable” and “dark, leafy green” boxes.

Rich umami flavors make this Vegan Keto Kale Caesar Salad a family favorite.

If you haven’t discovered Flackers yet, they’re a vegan keto miracle: organic flax seeds seasoned with organic apple cider vinegar and dehydrated into a crispy cracker with no net carbs. They give this salad a satisfying crunch. Plain flax seeds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds would also work nicely. Just don’t forget the avocado. Or try adding a tablespoon or two of fried capers – they’re powerful antioxidants.

Vegan Keto Caesar Salad

Whatever twist you put on this salad to make it yours, I hope it becomes a go-to recipe when you’re craving the familiar flavors of a Caesar.

Macro Breakdown per serving (a serving is 1/2 the recipe)
401 Calories
Total Carbs 20g | Fiber 13g | Net carbs 7g | Protein 19g | Fat 68g

Always weigh and measure your own ingredients to ensure accurate tracking.

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