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They’re Still My Cells

by Maggie Jones

One thing I’m keeping in mind through all of this is that cancer isn’t a virus, bacteria or other foreign invader (although viruses and bacteria can cause cancer).  Cancer cells are my body’s cells that have broken, mutated so that they reproduce uncontrollably and don’t know when to destroy themselves like healthy cells.

I’ve always had this fantasy about being a god to my body’s cells – mostly when I wake up hungover and I image those cells wondering why I’m such a wrathful god. Or when I drink wheatgrass and feel benevolent and expect monuments in my honor.

I have enormous faith in Western medicine and plan to take advantage of all the firepower it has to offer. Nevertheless, even as I wait for doctors to do their thing, I feel in control because I have something very important to do. I need to make sure my body an environment that encourages healthy cells to thrive and reminds cancerous cells about the circle of life.

Cancer is a part of me and I’m the boss of me.


Jerri August 27, 2019 - 11:24 am

Now that I’ve read…a lot…of your posts, it’s obvious you’re working with the Mayo in Rochester so I repeat my invitation to stay with me any time you are in MN.

It’s also obvious that I need to clean up my diet ASAP. Thank you for all the information and recipes. Gives me very good places to start.

Maggie August 27, 2019 - 11:32 am

Yes! I sent you an email. You inspire me so much, Jerri!

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