I survived age 40 and got a whole lot more than a t-shirt

I’ve never been into birthdays but this one is kind of a big deal.

I posted already about what a crazy year we’ve had. Here’s the photographic evidence of some of the change we’ve experienced. While the physical changes are the most obvious, there’s a whole lot of mental and spiritual healing going on in there, too.

I think it’s important to note that with “standard treatment” this progression would have been much different: the physical changes would have been loss of my hair, and baggier, sadder eyes; the only setting would have been the US. The series would have ended somewhere April to June – maybe July since I’m young and a fighter.

Instead this has been one of the most incredible years of my life. Brad and I have grown closer, kinder to each other and others. We’ve seen more of the world than we ever thought we would. We’re stronger and more flexible in both our minds and bodies.

I’m inexpressibly grateful for:

  • your love, thoughts and prayers
  • having the resources to take charge of my health
  • that I live in an era of such miraculous medicine and had a mutation that could be targeted
  • that the metabolic paradigm shift is happening such that there’s real hope for those who aren’t as lucky as I am and hope that I can live long enough to see more effective treatments
  • that when it does inevitably end, I’ll have truly experienced and cherished every moment

Age 40 Commemorated in Selfies

September 2018 – Manilla, Philippines
October 2018 – Gold Coast, Hong Kong
First weekend after diagnosis, one day before diet change
November 2018 – Singapore
December 2018 – Hong Kong
Planning for our last Christmas together
December 2018 – Macao
December 2018 – Bangkok, Thailand
January 2018 – Phuket, Thailand
February 2019 – New York, USA
March 2019 – Tokyo, Japan
April 2019 – Kyoto, Japan
Switched on you!
May 2019 – Guilin, China
May 2019 – Hong Kong
June 2019 – Hanoi, Vietnam
June 2019 – Beijing, China
June 2019 – Better Beijing
July 2019 – Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong
August 2019 – Home, Hong Kong
Sparkling water with a whisper of kombucha.

I know! Two months in a row in Hong Kong. WTF, right?

Don’t fret, we’re heading to Bali next week!

And a whole lot more.

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Da Bread!!! September 14, 2019 - 3:47 am
I love the matching hats!
Maggie Jones September 14, 2019 - 4:09 am
Doing our part to spread the perception of Americans as douchebags as far and wide as possible. And not identical - Brad's is fancy, mine was bargained off a Thai tourist shop.
Dave & Lupe September 14, 2019 - 11:15 am
Hugs, hugs, hugs! Happy Birthday and have fun in Bali. Come and visit us!
Maggie Jones September 15, 2019 - 1:28 am
Thank you!! We definitely need to hit Florida in our next large-scale US tour. =D
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