Unexpected Benefits of My Anti-Cancer Diet

Brad and I have both been feeling great as a result of our ketogenic, mostly-raw vegan diet.  Brad strays every now and then for social obligations and always regrets it.  In addition to the expected increase in energy and decrease in body fat, we’ve experienced a few surprise benefits.

No more morning breath
I realized the other day that I’d been forgetting to brush my teeth in the morning. Poor dental hygiene is obviously not beneficial but I never would have been able to forget before I adopted this way of eating. In the past, the desperate need to brush away my nasty morning breath was what got me out of bed most mornings.  A mouth that no longer tastes like complete ass when I wake up is delightful.

Massively improved BO
It seems that this diet helps with stinkiness in general. I’ve been reluctant to use my antiperspirant as I’m working to eliminate chemicals from my life but haven’t experienced my usual raging BO.  This is especially impressive given I’m eating 3-6 cloves of raw garlic and sitting in a sauna every day. Don’t worry, I’ll soon to have a nice, natural deodorant in my medicine cabinet. I’m not a barbarian.

No saggy skin 
The combination of a wasting disease, nausea, and an insanely healthy diet has not surprisingly led to some quick weight loss – 30 pounds in just over 2 months for me (don’t worry, I had them to spare and am still at the top end of a healthy weight).  You’d think dropping weight that fast would result in lots of loose skin and stretch marks but so far so good.  I suspect that, because this diet is relatively low protein and incorporates intermittent fasting, I’m enjoying the effects of autophagy. I’m working to add more strength exercises to preserve my lean muscle mass but invite my body to keep using my excess skin as fuel.

Overall, I feel like I’m in the best health of my life!!*

* Except for, you know, the cancer, compromised immune system, and chemo-damaged liver. 

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