Raw Vegan Taco Salad

We’ve been making this fun taco salad every other weekend since I adopted this diet. It is surprisingly tasty for being low carb raw vegan. It does contain a lot of omega-6-rich nuts so on days we eat this I’m sure to balance those with lots of omega-3s from fish oil supplements, chia seeds or more flax seeds.

If you’re not as strict on carbs as I am, be more generous with the tomato and onion and consider adding some bell peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and even raw corn.  The meat, crema and avocado can be served in a lettuce leaf for a fun taco-style twist but I prefer this salad presentation to help me get more greens in,

Nutritional Information
Total Carbohydrate 24 g
Dietary Fiber 12 g
Sugars 8 g
Net Carbs 12 g
Protein 22 g
Total Fat 52 g
Saturated Fat 3 g
Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 84 mg
Potassium 732 mg
Vitamin A 43% US RDA
Vitamin C 61% US RDA
Calcium 11%  US RDA
Iron 34%  US RDA

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